The Rant                







(The left stand.

     I'm going to say this one last time just for those on the left who haven't seen or heard it. Let me tell you why you are looking at this picture wrong. You believe you are working on a moral high ground and have the right to fight for change because we live in a democracy. We live in a republic with the tool of democracy. That means we can vote on anything that falls within the principle of the constitution. That saves us! If 51% of the people believe black people should die, or whites, it goes against the constitution and it doesn't matter how many "vote" for it. It's not allowed! If we think all black, white, rich, or poor people should have to pay or do something or everything, that too is not allowed. It's goes against the concept of Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

     Somehow the left has convinced itself that they are "stopping" some movement that is destroying America. Weather it be greed, poverty, or other issues . Thing is, you are not on the defense here. You are the invaders. Conservatives by definition are trying to prevent changing or destroying our systems, way of life, or country. Conservatives have "compromised" since the beginning. But in the end, if someone wants NO change and someone wants to change "A", "B", and "C", and in the end they compromise and change just "B", then that isn't a compromise. Because the changers got change where the people who wanted no change were force to completely loose the right to keep their life as it was. That is not compromise. That a invasion of ones life.

     I personally believe most liberals have also invaded a political party in this country. The democratic Party. Truth is, it's because most democrats lean toward "everyone should help everyone else", which isn't a bad thing. But they are deceived into believing that it takes government to do it AND don't understand that government is power and power corrupts. Evidence of this is EVERYWHERE and none of them want to see it. Democrat run cities are a prime example.

      As a history buff, I can't help but to see history repeating itself. EVERY country that has gone down the road we are has failed in one way or another. And in the worse cases massive wars ensue. I wish there were a way to show the left the errors of their ways even with simple history but it seems it just can't happen. But if anyone questions that the left feels the moral obligations to completely change this country into the same thing that has been done time and time again, listen to their own words. It's scary. And, it will end us.

     Last thing, if you still believe you have the right to change the country, avoid the constitution or simply get rid of it or it's principles and want to fight anyone who resists, then try to remember that you have many places to move too. We don't. This is our last stand and will fight! And if you choose to fight us for our last place to live free, then you are no different then Hitler, Stalin, or any other of the Dictator like movements throughout history.