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    Basically, this is another chapter in our "new age", how the world should be, political correctness, brainwashing technique, "for the children", let's live in bliss.


    Here's my problem, this video is suggesting that if someone is called a name that it will scar them and ruin their life and chances for happiness. It even suggests that someone being called the name when they're young will grow up to be dependent on drugs, will have a lack of self-esteem, will not succeed or try, will be prone to depression, and inevitably probably commit suicide. First off, if you choose to shelter a kid where they are not exposed to the way life works, then they may be happy until they are an adult and are exposed to the real world. At that point, they will be smashed beyond repair. I'm old enough now I've seen it time and time again.


    The key to this is how you raise your kid. It is very important,,, no, critical! You must teach your kids who they are. Make them understand that their purpose is their own and unto themselves. Their opinion and their thoughts are most important to themselves and above others. At the same time, we must teach them to keep an open mind enough to listen and care about what others might KNOW. The natural side effect of this is that name-callers become insignificant. This must be reinforced with the ideology that there is such a thing as right and wrong. This, of course, is not common in today's political correctness. But it must be taught that there are those who don't care what is right and wrong and those people are usually the ones that do things that serve only themselves. And those people usually try to bring down others to make them feel good about themselves. For whatever reason, today society believes that this teaching isn't the answer anymore and that magically we should just make the bad things go away rather than teach how to deal with them. It may sound good in a "poetry like theme" with inspirational music in the background, but in reality, it does not work.


    That said, I find it ironic, if not infuriating that the entire story started off with the premise of a kid who fell out of the tree, and a bruise was noticed by a teacher that started a chain reaction in which the kid was taken from his home for three days which I can assure you would have more of a lasting effect on a child than someone calling them stupid! And yet no mention was made of this atrocity. The key to a person's happiness is their foundation. If there is no consistency, a sense of home, people and things that they can rely on as an absolution (to some degree), then the rest of a person's personality is built on "sand".


    Kids today are taught that they are a number, and the best thing that they can do is be part of a collective to make things better for everyone. It's living the "bugs life".... The problem is, with humans that don't work too well. Humans function best when they focus on how they want to make a difference. It's the parents' job to reinforce that and give them the morality, character, and tools, so they have the confidence, the skill, and the personality to not only achieve what they desire, but also that they desire what is right. (My two cents)


    I just received a private message on this, and to make a long story short I think it would be worthwhile to give an example in public. One example of that morality and character is to teach your kid to know how to admit when they're wrong and to change when needed. Pride is based on accomplishments, not opinions.