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(My Response to someone on an mans negative effects on the earth, environment, economy, etc.

Are you sure you want to know???

     To be honest it's a very immature way of thinking. Not because the facts are entirely wrong, but it definitely suffers from tunnel vision. For one, the concept of growth is relative. It doesn't necessarily have to be something that requires land. One of the biggest saving graces of economic growth,(if there is such a thing), has been the growth of technology. And that is something that can grow forever. When it comes to natural resources, the limitations of the "ignorant" don't see the possibilities of those limitations. Humans have evolved to where they are because they adapt. When a resource becomes low, something is found to replace it. Whether it be technology, or just another natural process.

     The reality of all this is simple, we have become a nation of spoiled brat kids. In this case the ones that choose to be the "goody two shoes", for lack of a better word, focus on how were all screwed because from their point of view nothing works and therefore there are no solutions. They spend incredible amounts of time and energy explaining how someone else is at fault, how that if we continue to do tomorrow what we do today we will all die. They base this on a timeframe that generally consist of their lifetime. Very short-term thinking with little experience to understand the nature of things.

     That said, our financial system is in fact totally screwed!!!!!!!!! It's not the politicians, it's not the bankers, it's not the corporate CEOs that look like a Monopoly man, it's YOU!!! Oddly the same people that fail to recognize this say they're the one taking responsibility. How many people have a loan on their car or house? Why? Seriously ask yourself that question. Because people have been convinced through (their) own greed that 7/10 will manage to continue to work to pay off that loan and all the while they get to have what they want instead of waiting for it!!! (at what turns out to be 2x the price). THE GREED OF PEOPLE!!! If everyone quit taking loans out, the banks would go bye-bye overnight!!!!!!!! (you know the same people you say are responsible for destroying the economics). PEOPLE, made Walmart the number one retailer in the country knowing full well at the time of their main growth everything was coming from China. This killed the American production engine. But why, because someone save $.10 on some small widget they didn't need. Because they saved five dollars and got what seemed to be the exact same thing. People are the ones that make money. Who they give it to is their decision, (with the exception of the government who simply take it) and who are people blaming????, The people and companies that THEY are voluntarily giving their money to. Not the government that's taking and enforcing the system which happens to be the exact same system everyone's complaining about!!!!!

     Capitalism is not the enemy. Money is not the enemy. Money is only a transfer of value from one thing to another. That's it!!! Capitalism and money are tools. You can use them to build and create, or you can use them to destroy and cripple. The key to everything is the people!!!! Granted, most of them are only a few points above retarded this in this day and age, which is why education needs to be a major priority. Problem is, our educational system is run by the very government who is enforcing the insanity. So now, we have a new generation who are being taught or being persuaded to see that choice, capitalism, money, free market, independence, beliefs, individualism, and anything else that makes life worth living, is the problem!!!!!!!!! It's insane!!!!!!!!

     What I find most infuriating about it, is a system is so good at manipulating the people that it is managed to convince them that they are being manipulated by what they're trying to get rid of!!!!!! Not what is tearing them away from it!!!! It literally is amazing!!!! Ignorance is the enemy. Stupidity is the enemy. Greed is the enemy. And all three are only dangerous in your home! If everyone did the right thing, for the right reasons, the rest of the world would cater to it especially if it was fueled by capitalism. Capitalism is simply the right for the individual to choose what they want and by who. You take that away, you take choices away. This is not a complicated system. It worked very well and always has. Every civilization that has fallen due to economics has always been due to corruption and bad decisions.

     We currently have a government that is still dumping $50 billion a month into our economy for no other reason to keep it afloat. They keep the people thinking that the man they put into office is doing a good job. To make the investors feel, that Wall Street will continue to go up, to make all those people who know how to do simple math managed to feel "uncertain" of what common sense is telling them which is simply, economics is simple math and the math doesn't add up these days! I'll be first to admit that were doomed, but it's not because of the bankers, or the corporations, or the environment, or a lack of resources. We are screwed because we as a people have become stupid!!!!!!